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Sponsored Riders


Katie Bailey

International dressage rider.

Katie rides in FairFax and Equipe.


Georgia Wilson

Paralympic Dressage rider.

Georgia rides in Fairfax saddles.


Gemma Owen

Junior International dressage rider.

Gemma rides in Utopia saddles.

Dianne Breeze

Grand Prix dressage rider.

Dianne rides in Utopia saddles.

Emily Bradshaw

GB U25 Grand Prix dressage rider.

Emily rides in Aviar saddles.

Emily Watts

Dressage and eventing. Also a UKCC Level 3 dressage coach.

Emily rides in Equipe saddles.


Sioned O'Connor

Showing and dressage. 

Sioned rides in Albion saddles.

Tyler Cassells

British Eventing.

Tyler rides in Utopia, Fairfax and Equipe saddles.

Lucy Grindal

British Eventing.

Lucy rides in Equipe and Utopia saddles.


Sophie Wilson

British Eventing and British Dressage.

Sophie rides in Aviar and Equipe saddles.


Rowan Crosby

Para Dressage rider.

Rowan rides in Utopia saddles.


Leonie Saffy

British Dressage.

Leonie rides in Equipe saddles.


Elan Williams

Para Dressage rider.

ides in Aviar saddles.


Francesca Bradley

British Dressage rider. 

Francesca rides in Utopia saddles.


Charles Halstead

Charlee rides in Equipe saddles.


Dane Rawlins

Grand Prix dressage rider.

Dane rides in Aviar saddles.

Carolyn Mellor

Grand Prix dressage rider.

Carolyn rides in Aviar saddles.


Kate Dwyer

Grand Prix dressage rider.

Kate rides in Aviar and Fairfax saddles.

David Freeney

British Dressage

David rides in Fairfax and Equipe saddles.

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