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About Freedom Saddlery

Freedom Saddlery is one of only a very small number of independent saddle fitters in the world with the following qualifications. Freedom Saddlery fits saddles for all horses, abilities and disciplines.

Stephanie Bradley, of Freedom Saddlery is:

  • Society of Master Saddlers Registered Qualified Saddle Fitter 

  • International M.S.F.C. Diploma 

  • Society of Master Saddlers 'Master Saddle Fitters' - an accolade earned by qualified saddle fitters who have many years experience of saddle fitting, having demonstrated high expertise and had high levels of client satisfaction from an independent survey. 

  • BHS Accredited Professional Coach

  • BHS Stage I & II

  • UKCC Level 3 Coach


Freedom Saddlery was born out of my own personal frustration at the 'mystique' that seemed to surround what should be a straightforward process.

Through Freedom Saddlery I have one fundamental aim: To provide independent, professional, qualified, impartial saddle fitting advice which improves the welfare of the ridden horse. My holistic approach incorporates the influence of the horse, the saddle and the rider.

Both riding and coaching to me is an essential element for high level saddle fitting advice.

It is important to understand how a horse moves and feels, and how the saddle allows freedom of correct movement - or not. Saddle fit requires an assessment of rider effectiveness and position - an influential factor to consider.

I ​ride competitively - up to Inter 1 level dressage with 21 years young Trevor, whom I have trained to Inter 1. My other competition horse, Desmond, is 11. He is training through the levels after a considerable rehabilitation programme. Saddle fit has been an important factor within his rehab. He did his first Advanced in 2021 and I’m aiming to take him to PSG/Inter 1 in 2022. I've represented Wales every year since 2011 at all levels through to Advanced Medium on both my horses, and competed at Premier League, and Hickstead CDI Invitational. I was selected by BEF for Level 4 Masters in Performance Coaching at Gloucester Uni 2021 entry year - a 3 year journey which will enhance both my saddle fitting and coaching, and satisfy my urge to research saddle related aspects to improve welfare.

I am an Andy Thomas Testt certified coach for 2022, rider symmetry being a key aspect of coaching and saddle fitting. I enjoy regular training with Dianne Breeze and Dane Rawlins - and occasionally have had the odd lesson with Charlotte Dujardin!  

I am proud to be on the Executive Board of the Society of Master Saddlers - I'm keen to make a posititve difference to take the Society forwards. Most recently, I have been appointed as Trustee for the Saddle Research Trust.

I'm passionate about saddle research and improving wellbeing and performance through scientifically proven knowledge. I was instrumental in the recent (and peer reviewed) Hartpury research on T18 - helping saddle fitters to be more consistent in their methodology. I have been delighted to join some working groups looking at improving the saddle fitting profession as a whole. I joined the Executive Board of the Society of Master Saddlers in 2019 and I am keen to make a positive difference to take the Society forwards. I was recently appointed a Trustee for the Saddle Research Trust because of my dual qualifications and passion for research for the betterment of the ridden horse.

An organisation that should need no introduction. The S.M.S. is the only accredited saddle fitting qualification in the world, with highly experienced practitioners lecturing and examining.

The organisation is totally independent and stands alone. Managed by an experienced and knowledgeable Executive Board of Directors from all aspects of saddlery, committed to mov​e the saddlery profession forwards to reflect the increasing importance of ensuring the welfare of the horse. Embracing the latest research and regularly providing it's members with up to date CPD and webinars to increase knowledge.

Freedom Saddlery proudly wears the SMS badge as an Approved Retailer, Qualified Saddle Fitter, and Master Saddle Fitter.

The SMS qualification provided a detailed and practical saddle fitting knowledge, lectured by some of the most experienced saddle fitters in the world. This is the most highly regarded saddle fitting qualification and training available worldwide and takes years to complete.


Freedom Saddlery was the first UK saddle fitter to complete the international saddle fitting qualification in 2013 with the Academy for Master Saddle Fitting Consultants and Equine Studies. The qualification is Dip. M.S.F.C. and is recognised with the logo seen below.

MSFC logo - Steph Bradley holds the first International Master Saddle Fitting Consultant diploma awarded in the UK

This scientific saddle fitting qualification taken between 2013-2017 was the most comprehensive saddle fitting course in the world. It is still in existence today, but the course has now changed significantly and widened it's remit more to back professionals and less saddle fitting related.

The course syllabus encompassed anatomy, physiology (human and equine), biomechanics and scientific research, training influences, conformation, pathology, back and lameness checks, nutrition, trees (including W​estern, Baroque and treeless) saddle construction, girthing, therapeutic pads, fault identification.

Between 2014-2017 lecturers included Dr Gerry van Oossanen, Dr Carolien Munster and UK Master Saddlers Laurence Pearman (2012/2013 President of The Society of Master Saddlers) and Emily White. Hugely experienced saddle fitters, including an examiner from The Society of Master Saddlers.

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