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Buying a Second Hand Saddle

Freedom Saddlery rarely stocks second hand saddles, but very occasionally part exchanges saddles that have been purchased through Freedom Saddlery initially. These saddles are open for sale and advertised via social media.

Part Exchange

Often I am asked if I will PX a saddle previously owned. The truth is you will get more money if you sell privately. Freedom Saddlery is VAT registered. For all saddle sales VAT is chargeable within the price. Also Freedom Saddlery will take a commission to sell on your behalf as we are a commercial business. Therefore the final amount you will have in your pocket will be net of VAT and commission - a total of 35-40%. It makes far more sense for you to sell your saddle privately! 

Freedom Saddlery will offer the full saddle fit consultation to assess your saddle selection short-list and identify the best fit. When buying a second hand saddle it should be checked over very carefully - with particular note taken of the state of the saddle tree and stitching to ensure it is safe to ride in. This is all included as part of the saddle fit consultation.


Please note - buying a saddle in this way may require a number of appointments and can be a time consuming process.

Please do not ask what width your horse is, there is no standard answer to this question so, this information cannot be provided.

If the saddle you eventually decide upon requires reflocking, we can provide that service via the Master Saddler service.​

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