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Your saddle consultation

Freedom Saddlery is located at Whitegate Farm Livery and Training Centre, near Chester.

Appointments are available at the calm and welcoming premises which enjoys an indoor and outdoor arena, wash box, stabling and large secure parking area.

Appointments are also available at clients' preferred location - there will be a far longer lead time for this type of appointment. A minimum number of five horses are required to be booked for an offsite appointment - bookings to be pre-agreed and booked.

For new saddle clients, personal recommendation is required from your coach, equine back professional or vet. Freedom Saddlery is part of your whole equine team and open communication between all is imperative.

Pony saddle appointments will only be conducted at Freedom Saddlery's premises.

What's included

Full saddle evaluation - (this can be existing or new potential saddle)

Horse evaluation - (including back profiles taken)

Riderless Saddle Evaluation*

Mounted Saddle Evaluation - to included rider symmetry assessment

A saddle report to keep with your horse's records

All advice is based on the measurements taken on the day and fully documented


Consultations at Whitegate Farm Livery & Training Centre are £65

Ireland - £90 consultation fee (minimum number of clients required per visit)

Channel Islands - price by negotiation (minimum number of clients required per visit)

Wilts/Gloucester/Bolney - £80 consultation fee (minimum number of clients required per visit)

Anglesey - £75 consultation fee for one location clinic of 7 or more.

*If you need a further follow up appointment this appointment fee is chargeable each time as it is payable per appointment

*Mounted evaluations will NOT take place where saddles clearly do not fit and cannot be altered, but should always take place to confirm a saddle fits. If the client is unwilling to have the saddle mounted for the check, a waiver will need to be signed.

*Additional saddles = £25 each .

*Adjustments to saddles are extra - e.g .top up flock £25 upwards.

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