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Creating harmony

between horse and rider.

Stephanie Bradley offers a fully qualified, independent professional saddle fitting consultation service. 


She is an S.M.S. Qualified Master Saddle Fitter & Approved Retailer, qualified Master Saddle Fitting Consultant, a qualified UKCC Level 3 coach/ BHS Accredited Professional Coach and a member of B.E.T.A.

Alison Calvert Dressage

"A trip to see the knowledgeable Steph Bradley at Freedom Saddlery today. Always a pleasure to go and get their saddles fitted, templates showing both boys have filled out in all the right places."

Natasha Blackburn

"Had a fantastic session with Steph....She is an amazingly knowledgeable woman not just about saddles but all sorts equine. She took into account each horse's circumstance and future plans as well as my needs and budget. I wouldn't use anyone else now!"

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